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Post #1054750Head shot at 11 yards
Post #1054962Always positive and helpful
Post #619801I was raised the same way...sonny born in Honolulu 1958. Aloha
Post #602048Thanks for the moderator comparisons in regards to decibel readings. Peskadot671
Post #594265gave a detailed answer to my inquiry that helps me in my research
Post #584354Thank you Keone, I found the schematics, they helped a lot.
Post #505981Good info. Love the videos too! Gunner1985
Post #505981seen your post about the foam previously tried it out a couple days ago it did help Thanks Kayker
Post #481479nice guy, very understanding.
Post #417300Thanks for showing us your work
Post #408249Converting Powder Burner Shooters ~ Oregun
Post #398786Thanks for the heads up!
Post #392915Nice shooting and great slugs
Post #387245Good rational response rather than replying as if attacked
Post #375050Well said. chohan