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    Best deer ammo for .50 hammer

    Pro slugs with the steel tip
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    Umarex Hammer barrel problems?

    Has been good so far, decent groups at 100 yds.
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    Umarex Hammer air blow back ?

    The only time I noticed it was while benched and sighting it in. I got in a crazy posture and it surprised me with the blast in the face. When held normally I am never more than "annoyed".
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    Umarex hammer

    My best comparison is that it has the same muzzle energy as a .357 cartridge. I had success getting good groups at 100 yards.
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    Watch & Discuss the Air Venturi Avenger!!

    I have alway had firearms and this is my first PCP rifle. All the excitement I found online about the features of the Avenger are true. It has replaced my use of .22LR around the ranch...highly recommeded at the price.
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    Tuning Air venturi avenger regulator upgrade?

    Have several boxes thru my .25cal and no problem yet.