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  • Rather than pollute the benchrest forum with my day to day diary of shooting and scores, I will be posting on my profile.

    9/21 Took a day at the range to work on the littlest one's muzzle loader. I did improve the tune a little, but still nothing excellent yet.

    The N50 contribution today was to work on the .22lr and the torque value for the take down screw. I found that I was way over torqued when I backed it off to loose and used my brand new torque driver (inch/pound. The difference between 10 in/lb and 30 in/lb is very small and by feel I must have been closer to 100i n/lb before. The Ruger seemed happier at 20 in/lb, but in the wind and without much good sleep those results remain tentative.

    I will be adding a recoil lug and glass... (ok, JB weld) bedding next week. The entire system is in flux at the moment. The Kral knight is in line for a bedding job after the Ruger.

    On a related note, after 36 years with R/C planes and gliders as my main hobby I have decided to close the book on that past time. It's simply time to move on. My family has no interest in it and it no longer brings me joy.

    'nuff bout that.

    Shoot'em good.
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    Booo! The recoil lug does not fit the profile of the barrel face. My gun is not made by Ruger and has some small deviations in dimensions. I went ahead and bedded the action, fingers crossed that I did not JB weld the stock to the action! The fun never ends 😂
    Just checked, and the action did not stick too badly to the stock. Next up is the Kral Nemesis. It has had a wonky stock fit from the day I bought it. The proof of the fitting is in the shooting. We will see how it goats.
    Well blow me down! I just realized that the LATEST ACTIVITY tab under FORUMS is a live feed scroll. When new posts are made, that page automatically adds the new content without having to update the web page. That is 100% awesome for those times when I'm jonesing for new content :)
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