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Post #186250Very well written response!
Post #184829don\'t loose faith brother they aint all bad.
Post #139933negative attitude, agenda driven, speculation without proof.
ProfileGood on you for taking others for face value! -Cally88
Post #176625Do you just look to get a neg? quit being a smart-ass
Post #146901Love reading your accuracy, the guy that called you a cunt was really funny lol
Post #139933No evidence based discussion
Post #139933Way out of line. Way out!
Profilenegative post without proof
Profileuncalled for bad mouthing just rude
Post #138971Always speaks his mind . And a great dude . JWR
Post #136429so very right
Post #134921get your facts right bullpups can have longer barrels than your rifles
Post #131632positive contributions
ProfileWhile I will agree this forum is FX central, does it make you feel cool to go to other forums and non stop bitch about this one? You are a Cunt. Go the fuck away.
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Post #117135Thanks for the info on the falcon that makes it even cooler!
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Post #110976mutant bias
ProfileGoing on other forums and bad mouthing this forum and it\'s members.
Post #89368Mutants are nice
Post #89437Good info
Post #89459Very truthful
Post #88346How do u think ur meat in the supermarket comes from
Post #65423Good point.
Post #56066The OP asked about 2 specific guns and jumped in and recommended something other than he wanted.