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Post #85463Obviously a brilliant reply to a very open-ended complicated subject
Post #144440Good response.
Post #140750lots of in depth info
Post #127316He\'s good at mils
Post #123918Great post and excellent information !!!!!
Post #123918Great post!! AJ
Post #109443Really well-explained; thanks!
ProfileVery good informative response. You are a positive influence on the forum! 30cal
Post #76117Great response. You have posted alot of very good info and experience that is needed and much appreciated!! AJ
Post #73249For the clear and concise explanation of ballistics, with great examples in several posts.
Post #70609Very good point about winds close to the ground!! AJ
Post #66522He explaned a very useful formula for range estimation. Faster and easier than the one I know.
Post #51470He knows his stuf
Post #48601Nice answer