Post #711505Thank you for your wisdom - LMNOP
Post #641485I truly appreciate your non bias honesty ...Sonny
ProfileHaji went way beyond helping me with a scope cam set up. Very patient and very informative. Great links sent.
Post #628645Thanks for the pic. Very helpful. -mmahoney
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Profilegreat guy to deal with very easy to work with
Post #589691Just a cool guy.
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Post #550558nice vid...!!!
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Post #510525Always helpful & positive. A true benefit to the entire air gunning sport & community.
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Post #502491Great pellet test video.
Post #502491Well done!!
Post #430987Non selfish ability to answer some dumb questions
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ProfileHajimoto was very helpful and sent great info in response to a question I sent him regarding action cameras. He is very knowledgeable and his message was easily digestable. Thanks!
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Profilegreat information and support I received from Haj. thank you.
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Post #463483Your results can\'t be questioned, thanks for sharing your knowledge
Post #459971Quick response
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ProfileDiffuser video is KILLER! Your solutions are brilliant.
Post #450506Another great \"How To\" vid Haj. Thanks, Campfuss
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Post #430987Excellent information on the new Side-Shot camera mount.
Post #430987great member tells it how it is .
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Post #390340Fantastic review!
Post #402868Informative response. Very helpful ! Ziabeam
Post #399046Very clear and frank review. Pro and con.
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Post #398425Great review on the semi auto Evanix. Texagdds
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Post #350987i agree
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Post #337238nice job! NM
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Post #312512always ready to help !!
Post #312512Always well explained informative videos. Good work!
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Post #269162Very helpful video
Post #269323he is very knowledgeable and does excellent videos ....Sonny
Post #269323100% agree I get the same flack. Appreciate your videos!
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Post #256171Not a Gauntlet owner probably never will be. But his videos are very well done and informative for PCP shooters period.
Post #251745Thanks Haji for contributing to the airgun community it is much appreciated
Post #251467He has few very informative work in youtube on airguns. the person understands the concepts of physics in general and ballistics in particular
Post #245332I am in awe of your knowledge and attention to detail. Brilliant!
ProfileGauntlet tear down is outstanding - Parallax.
Post #239614Excellent Video Haj. Thanks CampFuss
Post #239614Great tear down video
Post #239614Excellent Video.
Post #195727Knowledge, and willingness to help!
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Post #206357Excellent well narrated videos. Give those lil chipmunks a break lol. Mick
Post #193111Great movie, and prima editing! Hope you see the two green dots soon!
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