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Post #1138566Agree that quality of education in the USA has fallen considerably over the last 40-60 years and apathy has risen.
Post #1115010Wisdom +1
Post #1099594You are a good man.
Post #1095722Does my heart good to see members like Gerry. You\'re the best! Campfuss
Post #1087343great advice
Post #1056451Good advice from experience
Post #1027399Great member! Thanks again for the advice!
Post #1005147Great scope wheel tip! pizzaman
Post #989802Community safety answer
Post #989791Responded to my question about air whistling in my tank, thanks!
ProfileThanks for the help to a newbie.
ProfileA+++ Great guy got some pellets from Gerry super guy tp deal with and talk stories with THANKS Gerry
Post #963562Yup, I support the idea of earning your successes rather than buying them
Post #952117Thanks for calling hium out. You said what we all are thinking... C\'Cut
ProfileSimple and quick transaction. Gerry is straightforward, pleasant to deal with, and an honest man. Ships fast too. He’s a good seller with whom I would do business with in the future.
ProfileThanks for the tip
Post #843591Great points - Pizzaman
ProfileGood lookin\' dog you had there.
Post #819542Great
Post #795913Now that is seriously funny! d3vnull
Post #773865Generous and kind of you - LMNOP
ProfileVery helpful AGN member. JD
ProfileSent an assortment of pellets to sample for accuracy.
Post #726631You tell \'em Gerry! 2many...
Post #697423Truth -OS-
Post #670801Too funny!!
Post #670759Agreed! 2many...
Post #641297Great info added to my post on tank fittings.
Post #582005I agree totally....sonny
Post #567388Gotta love a Boss fan. Campfuss
Post #546415Yep
Post #541051A well thought rebuttal accurate as well.