Profilegreat company with great rifles
Post #671180Really stepping up the CS Hope our new distributors in SA take notes Macros
Post #667731Increased activity here on the forums and great customer support. Thank You.
Profileresponsive and helpful
Profilelove my FX rifles...sonny
Post #602334Helpful
ProfileGood work on the liner thread/twist rates
ProfileExcellent information and helpful as always.
Post #446350good stuff
Post #432499Thanks for the insight into the distribution logistics and challenges, definitely appreciated
ProfileSo you\'ve parted ways with AoA. Hallelujah!
ProfileKick ass products
Post #415375Getting down in the trenches to post updates is much appreciated! -STO
Post #415375Telling it like it is... C\'Cut
Post #415375Great response
Post #301283For doing the right thing and helping out a customer.
Post #253037I LOVE MY FX