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Post #1103966One fanboy giving service to another. Let\'s all kiss each other\'s arses.
Post #1103966quality post
Post #1091767Um, me mad because mean man does not kiss mi arse n down not now and scrape before muh hero\'s... An.. an... An... He has too many names... Me leave angry negative hreenir on his door step. Me fix him! You see!
Post #1089926true
Post #847527Great post. -mmahoney
Post #1070013for posting a great article
Post #1083454109 yards. need i say more
Post #1081873Great tip. You understand the issue with ill fitting fosters and showed how to fix them.
Post #1080504Not an FX fanboy.
Post #1045595My opinion matches yours on the FX liners perfectly. It is nice to hear someone else came to the same independent conclusion. -mmahoney
Post #1044226Great review coming, great item that deserves it. JD.
Post #1037392Does not talk out of his ass. His review of the Gold Star SE spurred me to buy one in .22 and it is one of my favorites.
Post #1029820Nice write up
ProfileI asked him a question in a message about the brocock concept he did a review on, and he took the time to give me very detailed replies.
Post #924689Excellent explanation C’Cut
Post #798925RTI Prophet review/write up....Was a great tool in the tuning of my new Prophet performance.
Post #865226One of the best match reports I\'ve ever seen. Nice work, Thanks from Campfuss
Post #847527Thanks for sharing your results. -mmahoney
Post #835073Nice shooting HW50S
Post #814465Put YO in his place. Nice!!! C’Cut
Post #746436correct
Post #728381Thanks for the help!!!
Post #696506Keep \'em coming! -mmahoney
Post #685888Good review! Macros
ProfileGreat review of the Raptor. He also validated my MAC-1 order.
Post #604650Nice honest review on your Raptor
Post #604644Thank you for taking the time to make a thorough review - STO
Post #597286Great post, thanks
Post #593894Awesome shot string. Thanks for sharing. Campfuss
Post #554117On top of it!
Post #526698very good
ProfileFunny! I like fun, positive people who don\'t take everything in life too seriously! Stoti
Post #502879Helping a brother with some guidance
Post #490553Appreciated the feedback in my post.
Post #400869Paid instantly, and threw in a few extra $$...Thank you !! Ziabeam
Post #388864Great explanation and input, very much on point. Gave his thoughts and opinions and backed it up with sound thought process. Thanks.
Post #227161Well said. Tim does make some find guns, Campfuss