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    Atn x sight 4k pro I R ILLUMINATER

    Just another heads up, don't just turn the IR Illuminator off, loosen the back cap to the point it's not making contact with the batteries! They will last much longer. All the original IR Illuminators I have from ATN loose charge quickly if I don't back the back cap off quite a bit, or remove...
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    Attention Early Model LCS SK-19 Owners who need a K&L AR Grip Adapter

    Stephen at K&L has indicated he is willing to do another limited run of their SK-19 AR Grip Adapters when they have some down time to retool and make them. He said if he can get at least 5 interested people, this could happen much sooner! I am already on his list, so only need a few more...
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    Thank you! I sent a PM, wasn't sure where to send an e-mail. I did include my e-mail address in the PM.
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    Arken Optics - Labor Day 2022

    I just tried that SAVE170 code and it says it's invalid. NSF$170 will take $170 off the total price if you add the Combo Pack with a Scope. It also donates $10 to the Vavy Seal Foundation.
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    FX Crown Arrow Kit

    I know this is an older thread, but does anyone know if the Umarex Air Javelin Arrows will work on the new Crown/Dreamline Arrow Barrel? A six pack of the Umarex Arrows are about $20 cheaper than the FX Arrows.
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    I'd still love to get one of your LCS AR Grip Adapters, did you ever produce another batch?
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    Umarex Airsaber Bowfishing rig

    I have thought about this myself, you get some bowfishing tips and zip tie a Zebco reel to the foregrip of the Air Saber. Probably the cheapest way to go!
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    LCS V/S Western guns Now what?

    I'd love to know the whole story behind the LCS SK-19 and the Western Rattler. When first announced, I thought the Western semi/full auto line was just the next generation of the LCS line, then came the announcement about a big airgun vendor cutting ties with LCS and picking up the Western...
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    FX Dream Tactical Short Barrel Kit Information

    No I don''t, but Best Fittings ships faster than some US based vendors! Also, when I wrote this, the compact barrels had the larger diameter shroud, now they don't. So, if the end of the barrel clears the end of the 480cc tank, they should work, if not FX has a shorter 300cc tank that's the...
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    GTA website.

    It's been happpening since last night when I tried to get on. Safari says their Certificate has expired.
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    Have the courage of your convictions .

    I think a lot of times people are frustrated and just venting, bot don't necessarily want to throw someone under the bus just yet. A lot of vendors browse these forums and if a consumer were too quick to condemn a supplier, it could burn a bridge and really leave them in a lurch! Having said...
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    Can someone help me test a .25 moderator?

    I'm happy to assist, just let me know what you need from me!
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    Can someone help me test a .25 moderator?

    No problem, my LCS is making about 70FPE, so a little lower than what you are looking for. But it will do it in rapid succession!
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    Can someone help me test a .25 moderator?

    I have an LCS SK-19 in .25, it puts out a good amount of energy and will really test it if shot in full-auto! I'd say if it survives that, it should survive anything!
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    New from Western Airguns = Sidewinder Semi/Full Auto air rifle with new REMOVEABLE MAGAZINE!

    Love the idea of a removable, swappable magazines! Any data on the cost of spare magazines? Will it come with one or two magazines in the box?