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Post #334558Thanks for the good advise.. JU
Post #181740Great how-to, thanks!
Post #163279Just what I needed!
Post #248384Yes, that\'s worth father of the year in my book. Campfuss
Post #248384The best Dads teach their kids how to stay humble
Post #247041Thanks for taking time to share pics
ProfileLove maple
Post #243728Thanks for sharing your thoughts! T
Post #227154Keep those adult beverages in you deertay.
Post #233225Good point! NM
Post #228437Accurate and useful information.
ProfileFor helping a fellow airguner and giving some o\'rings for free
Post #2271541 of 3 guys I was looking forward to hearing from about this. Thanks!
Post #228671Haha, for trying to help a brotha out. Fuss
Post #225150Good point
ProfileThanks for the thimble explanation! DB
Post #218262For the Marco o-ring link
Post #218262Data base on \"O\" rings. Extremely helpful information.
Profiletaking time to share links on the tools of the trade ..pat
Post #217559Thanks for the tools link.
Post #217559Really helping a guy out! good info and where to find it as well! NM
ProfileDirte - For President 2020
Post #211258Good review with screen shots - thanks !
Post! Fungun.
Post #209570Help with my Royale reg
Post #207824Totally agree, Wby/Gijs
Post #206416Excellent fast accurate protection of a member exposed to potential scam. Mick
Post #205306Link to Daystate tool.
ProfileAlways good skinny
Post #194989Like that idea
Post #195268Great advice Thanks
Post #194212Helped
ProfileFor continuously helping others find solutions or products. Tom
Post #189909Gave some great shot count numbers on a daystate wolverine 2. Spread sheet
Post #189021Excellent advice regarding bottle pressures
Post #185329Continously shares his knowlede!
ProfileGood project with detailed description and photos. Nice of him to go to the trouble of sharing.
Post #185329Great idea that was shared.....
Post #185329nice work on that portable target! .....Goodtogo
Profileopen mind, informative and collaborative
Post #181740I can use this information for my Airwolf extreme. Thanks.
ProfileSweet Mullet.
Post #154895Roger that !! Zia
Post #154249A Great member who\'s willing to give out informations that will help other members.
Post #153809Hahahahahaha You crack me up Dirty Jo Dirt
Post #145480well said, campfuss
Post #143185Cool contribution s and fu n posts .JWR
Post #137788Outstanding reply !! Zia
ProfileHe helped me on a future project I am trying to get together and needed his great advice. He took time out to send me pictures of what I need..One of the good guys........Airborne.
Post #121962Hendrix finish!!!LOL
Post #121943Its pronounced Deartay ~ Joe Dirt
Post #108119good suggestion...thanks Marksman
ProfileI\'m not sure what the last scorer was thinking. Maybe he wasn\'t.