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Post #1055689Scope suggestion
Post #1028522Always a helpful member. JD
Post #1014075Spot on
Post #990569Good post showing accurate data. C\'Cut
Post #962608thanks for the link!
Post #953915His honest help kept me from buying the scope he likes but may not be right for my old eyes
Post #935084Excellent answer. Thanks, Oakenhawk
Post #921263No BS m just the facts .
Post #899606Finally someone reasonable!
Post #823364Precisely my point! Very well stated. Thank you. !22
Post #819219Exactly
Post #719048Enjoyed the pics Dillon. Campfuss
Post #696170Exactly! -Matt247365
Post #670067Thanks for the post. C’Cut
Post #669820Thanks! -ghost
ProfileThis is a good dude! He gives freely whenever I have dumb questions and I appreciate him a bunch.
Post #619976Very useful. Thanks. -mmahoney
ProfileCommon sense on Impact shot count and also making all other guns obsolete. C’Cut
Post #614334Vendor recovery
Post #604528Super guy
ProfileGreat transaction!
Post #591610Plus up on your comment re: LESHIY has NEW competition. Thoughts!
Post #561853Thanks for sharing........... heavy-impact
Post #553704knows his stuff
Post #542094Thank you
ProfileGood Seller. vdwb
ProfileVery fair deal, and reliable.
ProfileGood dude
Post #426323intelligence
ProfileAsset to the form! Great Help!
Post #418679knowledgable
ProfileThanks for showing some interest on my build on GTA. GC
ProfileNice guy, very helpful. FUNGUN.
Post #366389Really good 100 yard shooting
Post #366389Nice Shootin\' Dillon. Campfuss
Post #222316solid
Post #171265Good job bro
Post #276918He gave a great review Makes me want to get one now
Post #256944The voice of reason
Post #234307Nice shooting Dillon. Thanks for sharing. You\'re an asset to AGN for sure man. Campfuss
Post #246148Right there with you
Post #199119Excellent blend of objective data and subjective data when discussing airguns. Good real world info on Taipans. Would love to see more on your dairy pesting festivities. Mick
Post #199119Posted up some good tiapan mutant.22 shooting information.
Post #199119Thanks for the shot string. Nice to make comparisons.
Post #171400Airgun enthusiasm with photos to back it up
Post #170997Enjoy your enthusiasm for these Taipans, Fuss
Post #170295Great rifle and shooting!
Post #160658intelegent suggestion
ProfileJust because he lives in E. Washington. Oh and he adds to the conversation.
Post #154951Great member and always ads to any conversation in a constructive way ..JWR
ProfileGreat guy! Has more then gone out of his way to help me out.
Profilewas a pleasure to deal with when buying a scope from him. He had answers to all the questions I had.
Post #133026Good accurate info
ProfileA good member with alot to contribute to the forum. I enjoy your posts and knowledge!! AJ
Post #103563Good info on the WARP!! Keep updating!! AJ