Post #575533Congrats on the Speed Silo. Campfuss
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Post #560585Well said. -mmahoney
Post #560585Well said my Friend !! JWR
Post #560074God bless our great country
Post #559465Spot on with video editing app! Thanks!
Post #559093+1. Sorry to see the CT weirdos wreck your heartfelt thread. I will stand watch with you anytime. JimNM
Post #553592Nice find Mike. Thanks, Campfuss
Post #553532Vast knowledge and willing to share
Post #553102Another great question, you’re on a roll! Stoti
Post #529320I agree with his point on wind reading and a little luck...sonny
Post #545626Well said. Honesty is best received when served tactfully.
Post #545357Yup
Post #543963Awesome! Thank you sir - ghost
Post #543963Good one! thanks ... edosan
Post #540477great idea
Post #541963Always thoughtful and willing to engage with respectful disagreement - STO
Post #541436Thank you
Post #540477Agreed! NM
Post #529235What a great topic. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! --Oregun
Post #471549Thanks for the great Temecula match post. Man LD has a nice place. I love to read this kind of stuff! Campfuss
Post #534885For LDC
Post #532538nice wholesome story
Post #531448Helped me out by validating a question of mine. In fact, he has helped me out with several questions. An asset to agn
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Post #520199good topic on accuracy
Post #515943He puts out some great facts and info
Post #515579Thanks for posting this. I was considering until I read this post.
Post #515440very good 🙂
Post #514108Good info. Thanks. -mmahoney
Post #479899Gave an exact guide for the installation of a picatini rail on the Taipan Veteran
Post #502167A+ for math in trajectory comparison
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Post #492046Good post my Friend ..JWR
Post #492046Well said and agreed 100%
Post #492046Good friendly way to raise an important point! - STO
Post #469861Very helpful!! s.c
Post #468936Thanks!
Post #465742Agree on Viton. Seem to be more abrasion resistant. Good for probe related applications.
Post #465367Thanks for the info on the scope rings. 2many...
Post #456414Agree with post
Profilehelped with a technical question that saved me a bit of trouble.
Post #433774fast answer to a technical question!
Post #425590Always give accuracy for good data. Thanks. :) -STO
Post #425590Thanks, Mike, that\'s the kind of data that\'s helpful to many of us!
Post #371173Thanks for the great post on the Daystate 110.
Post #419596Right
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Post #417517very helpful and knowledgeable...sonny
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Post #379859Great review. Thanks mate! -STO
Post #412098I highly appreciate your honest appraisal. Sometimes I think our forum members bend over backwards to give positive reviews and opinions where none is warranted.
Post #410478Looked at these before I posted but was a little confused . I\'ll be getting these . Thanks for all your help Darell
Post #398929Thanks for the link and always looking to help out. Much appreciated. Crittahitta
Post #398564Seems to be knowledgeable on the topic.
Post #394625PM\'d a question regarding his experience with 2 highly regarded airguns. appreciate the time he took in answering my questions
Post #379155That Biathlon lever really sets it off. Nice add on. Camfuss
Post #392787Thanks for the kind words GC
Post #392274Very good and helpful info just what I needed to hear thank you!
Post #385218Review of Night Owl Scope
ProfileGreat idea on check valve for filling tanks without needing to buy a priority valve
Post #378099Quite right on the Buna-N explanation
Post #378107Great info. Helped a lot. Thanks. Kmd.
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Post #376413Posted pic of his sweet looking air rifle & graphics.
Post #375367A real scholar!
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Post #370378Thank you for the \'18 EBR coverage & updates. Congrats on your success there as well ~ zx10Wall
Post #370042Great info on EBR experience. Thanks Mike! - smh77
Post #370122Thanks for keeping us informed. ~Oregun
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Post #370042Great report EBR
Post #370042thank you
Post #370042Was looking for the latest final scores and no one else had posted them except for Mike.
Post #370042Thanks for the EBR updates!!!
Post #369633Thanks for the update. mmahoney
Post #363594Good post
Post #361141I could\'ve not said it any better! Thanks. Kmd.
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Post #350108thanks for the info!
Post #304436Makes sense to me.
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Post #346230Great Advise in buy used guns! NM
Post #344808Yup, a Volkswagen can be a Porsche if you just add $60k in parts.
Post #340053Great info and insight
Post #343411Knows his s**t when it comes to tanks 18.13
Post #203481Very good and helpful info well written
Post #341656Great story
Post #340053Nutting out monster bc
Post #331794thanks for the input and help. Fungun.
Post #326951Good :)
Post #325372Great writing
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Post #308839Very knowledgeable on my subject & one of the people that I watch on this forum that I can trust what he say\'s Darell
Post #308808You are ignorant of what you do not know, yet you give advice as if you know anything about compression stress. STOP before you get someone killed. pls
Post #308039Posting links with factual information, thanks.
Post #292410Great info, well explained.
Post #304436Correct info
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Post #301447I agree ,put your money where your mouth is EBR
Post #301299An accurate statement
Post #283271Help me alot with understanding scba tanks
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Post #296476fast reply
Post #295649Thanks for the input on Vulcan/Huma regs. FUNGUN.
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Post #294340Good, considered point
Post #250985OMG, HE IS SOOO RIGHT! #amiright?
Post #275258right on the kisser
Post #255657Top notch job of sharing helpful information for those interested in this compressor.
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Post #283109Detailed info on point!
Post #283271Mike continuously shares his knowledge... much apreciated! ~Oregun
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Post #271623You have my respect.
Post #269732thanks for the advice
Post #261205Good advice
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Post #259347Great suggestion for an hour meter
Post #256655great info
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Post #253372Good Advise
Post #249828Very informative info on compressor modification.
ProfileProvided me with information that not only helped me but saved me money on what I needed to purchase. Centercut is an awesome resource for AGN.
Post #231997Steered me to a good deal on an SCBA fill station.
Post #228306nicely explained! Tom
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Post #227781His engineering expertise for the saafety of us newer PCPers,
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