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  • Just make sure you have a nice big RV to block any wind, get a great shooting lane ( that doesn’t have wind), have perfectly sized / sorted pellets, and nothing but 10’s and X’s. - and you’ll do just fine! Easy, peasy..

    Or, I can ship you my new Boss .25! 😀😀😀

    Seriously, good luck to you and the team!

    Break a leg at RMAC Mike! Hope we get a chance to get out & hunt together before Tony & Barb take off. Wish you straight shooting & best of luck!
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    Thanks Gerry, wish I was retired so I could actually practice like the real Pro's that shoot and/or make videos for a living. But it is what it is, so the shooters that shoot Pro, but hold down a real job gotta fake it till we make it... Look at all the FX factory shooters that arrived a week in advance with nothing to do but practice. I'm actually envious... ;)
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