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Post #1124623Thanks for the Hawke 8-32 info!
Post #1124623Gives good advice and posts good deals.
Post #1124623Solid information, thank you
ProfileSaved me 100$! Thanks man!
Post #1124623For saving me $100!
Post #1124623good tip on scope sale
Post #1092710Nice trio! Thanks for sharing ~ Matt247365
ProfileGreat seller. Deal with confidence. Thank you. wy
ProfileThanks for the link to the FFP scope on sale. Good discount. - Ezana4ce
ProfileFor going out of their way to help a fellow member.-rangur1
ProfileThanks for the easy transaction. I appreciate it for sure.
Post #968913Great heads up-!
Post #896289Helped me out with a question
Post #891977Thanks for the specs on the Crimson Trace. - Peskadot671
Post #863993provided accurate info on a valid good optics deal