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Post #635201Cool Vid
ProfileGood, well thought out comments on many topics. Thanks! C\'Cut
Post #583807teach them well brother another NRA member in the making....sonny
Post #579446Providing great information
Post #575574always positive and encouraging...sonny
Post #541804Peace and Orange Fanta Greased ..Haha! -ghost
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Post #523041Great guy, great rifle! I look forward to hearing about your Boss adventures! --Oregun
Post #503352Helpful posts.
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Post #487060Being kind...Boog
Post #483326You are a class act my friend! NM
Profilevery cool guy with a great attitude and generous to boot!....sonny
ProfileYou are an awesome person and your kindness and great nature are what everyone should strive to be like!!
Post #469639Good info
Post #452913Helpful advice. Thanks!
ProfileCamp always says something encouraging and nice about my posts and videos, He takes the time to leave a nice comments for other people too. Great AGN member.
Post #445228I appreciate the advice thanks.
Post #428104Nice
ProfilePerfect example of a good natured well spirited human being and the world really needs a lot more people like you CampMuscle!
Post #389093Thanks for sharing really good deal indeed!
ProfileClearing up some misinformation on barrel lengths.
Post #382080i like how you respect animals. ...sonny
Post #382052Chuck Norris jokes never get old lol
Post #368798Thanks for your reply and explanation and nice gun BTW!
Post #297683Having recently acquired a Thomas BR, (0066) I greatly appreciate the things I have learned from CampFussell’s posts on this forum.
Post #288890Thanks for the target links. Nice.
Post #287591From one curmudgeon to another: too right! Now get off my lawn!
Post #283126Sharing information regarding the use of nitrogen to fill PCP air tanks.
Post #279705Your definitely community minded! Thanks!
Post #279705Thanks for sharing. This will come in handy.
Post #279705Thanks for the targets! Love \'em!
Post #279705Thanks for the targets.
Post #268981thanks!
ProfileTrue gentleman.. And a hell of a lot of fun ...JWR
Post #241191Thank you for the info.
Post #227674Great Tip! Just built my wood shop so this will be one of my next projects! NM
Post #227172I picked up a cannonball run DVD after watching this! lol
Post #227077Thanks for the inspiration for naming my channel!
Post #227300Thanks for sharing 😉
Post #225273Always makes me laugh and he’s very knowledagble
Post #200744Continuously providing fun ideas and inspiration. Tom
Post #167257Shared a great deal on a nice bullpup case!
Post #168259For exposing trash a member
Post #167671For finding a good airgun related deal and passing it on -Matt247365
Post #162453Awesome post! Gotta start sizing! NM
Post #162298World class smart ass and a great guy :). JWR
ProfileHe\'s always coming up with new things for air gunning
Post #146159Thank you for your help getting the \"+\" back Fuss! Cliff
Post #146257Generous information.
ProfileYou made me smarter !! Zia
Post #137121TOO Funny! You make this forum GREAT! Doc
Post #132063Priceless ! Thank you for sharing this with us.
Post #133532great , helpful member
Post #132063That picture of your mom shooting made my day......Goodtogo
Post #111641Thanks for sharing a truly great moment with all of us!! AJ
Post #110589awesome collection, thanks for sharing the pics!
Post #56798You are ready to rock Fuss! I see a 250 in your future! Congrats and more good forture to come.
Post #52537Spot on with all his posts
Post #48196thanks
Post #32873You\'re a good man! NM
ProfileGreat videos and information! Genuinely nice guy!
ProfileJimmy should be the face of airgunning. He sets a standard that will be impossible to top!! AJ
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Post #15724Helping find a post
Post #11150Makes a great mentor to us newbies
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ProfileEncourages newbies and doesn\'t talk down to you
Post #5337Thanks for the target - KZ
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Post #3070Creative fun targetshooting
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Post #929Great intro, Jimmy. Welcome. -ted