Post #504975Finally shooting his PCP..... heavy-impact
Post #503593He’s just trying to share and has a hard time connecting it all together. But he did the math with the pump stroke count and it makes perfect sense. Seems unfair that he has a red mark, but I probably don’t understand the whole history. Awesome forum!
Post #488628I\'m glad youre around. Glem
Post #458158Keep trying friend
Post #458158You have good intentions, glem
Post #430432Greenballs for the craziness fun you started, Campfuss
ProfileHis posts are good for your brain. Like trying to figure out a crossword puzzle. Wards off Alzheimer\'s.
ProfileJust for good measure
ProfileJust trying to get you outta the red brother! Way to hang in there! Campfuss!
Post #374593plus 1 for 2nd amendment....sonny
ProfileI like puzzles and what not. So his words are fun to figure out!
ProfileI LOVE this guy!!
ProfileThis guy loves his hobby.
Post #337632VERY articulate
ProfileThis guy is AWESOME!
ProfileTrying to communicate and share. If it\'s a troll I\'ll take a point off my rating.