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Post #694249Great Review! NM
Post #639890Great and thorough info
ProfileThanks for all your wonderful reviews...very professional, and you make the airgunning industry so much more enjoyable for all. FUNGUN
Post #599063Good information
ProfileThe truth
ProfileVery thorough and conscientious. Seems to go out of his way to present a favorable, but ACCURATE review of the products tested. Very industry- conscious. Well connected and seems to care about developing our sport.
Post #503238Good Job.
Post #445046Informative, unbiased, just plain cooool!
Post #445046Great info
Post #437994Always working hard for us. Thank you! -STO
Post #418082Always a pleasure to see good data. Thank you for all the time you take to compile it!
Post #416074Great reviews
Post #415901I like your review procedure! NM
Post #395111Thanks for the update on the dreamline! Texagdds
Post #377085Thanks Steve. I know a lot of hard work went into that! 😉 Campfuss
Post #355630Rifle reviews
Post #321344Another great video, thanks Steve!
Post #306844great as always !!
Post #302500Good Information
Post #300404Great contribution to the airgun industry. We are lucky to have you. FUNGUN.
ProfileGood info, many thanks
Post #275762Good job
Post #271516Thanks for your help!
Post #271010Steve, love your work. Stay strong. We need to ride out this unprecedented storm, together.
Post #269198Always looking out for us airgunners! Thanks man, Campfuss
Post #269198Steve freely and sincerely shares his knowledge and experience just for the asking
ProfileMy favorite airgun video reviews!!
Post #258698Good reply- let\'s just focus on airguns! NM
Post #258698Well said
Post #249928Ambassador to the sport. Classy.
Post #253887nice review! NM
Post #249928Ronald Reagan left a note on the oval office desk for George H W - \"Don\'t let the turkeys get you down.\"
Post #249928Great response to negativity! M2
Post #235368Thanks for all you do Steve 😉 Campfuss
ProfileThe man !
Post #224398Awesome vid
Post #210264thanks for the update and all your hard work. FUNGUN
Post #181255Excellent review, thanks for sharing!
Post #181459Thank you
Post #181019great review
Post #181019Professional in all ways
ProfileDoes alot for this sport and getting some awesome in depth reviews out for us and future airgunners - Dillon
Post #175695Kudos for getting it right and educating us on it. -Smaug
Post #175763Response to decibel meter was quick, reasonable and professional
Post #172174Steve , you make this forum awesome man 😉 Fuss
Post #168682Another great review!
Post #149667Thanks Steve for all the work on the videos............Goodtogo