BR DeSoto Airgunners

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9:00 am - 1:00 pm

DeSoto Gun Club
2347 NW Highway 70 , Arcadia, FL, 34266, Central Florida

Airgun Show


General Sight-in ~ 9:15 AM    Match begins 9:59 AM

Sunday 8/9/20, DeSoto Airgunners has a 25 Meter Air Rifle Bench Rest shoot on the schedule. Early Set-up around 8:15

Because we’ll need to “social distance” we can accommodate up to 4 persons per relay.

There could be the option to shoot Field Target at the same time for those who prefer or if you are waiting to for a bench slot to open on a second relay.

Waiver can be completed at the venue prior to shooting.

Post by Gary Palinkas, Venice, FL for Match Director Ron Zeeman

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