Field Target

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8:30 am - 1:15 pm

United Sportsman Range
4700 Evora Rd, Concord, CA , 94520

Field Target

Sunday promises highs  with some fahrenheit degrees & some wind, estimated to be between 0 and 114 mph. There will be wind, and it will be variable.
Field Target is a precision reactive target game that simulates hunting with metal fronted plates in the shapes of your favorite (game) animals. Various sized holes are in the faceplate, with the animals with the  large holes farther away from the shooter, and some animals as close as 10 meters. The catch is, you don’t know how far away the animal is and the close animals can have some pretty small holes to target. Put your pellet through the hole and the target falls down. Repeat as necessary to complete the course. There are a variety of classes, but all include a method to rest your gun as you compete- except for the Forced position lane. That one lane will offer three targets to be addressed off hand or kneeling.
You will become a better and more accurate shooter, whether you will use your increased skill for hunting or to impress the neighbors (at the range, ok?).
 We have a loaner rifle or we can partner you up with one of our friendly members to share one of their rifles.

      Diablo Rod & Gun Air Gun FT Match at the MPR

Range sets up at 8:30 am, with practice starting around 9:00 am.

We intend to provide 50 + rifle targets .

There will be something for everyone and probably nothing for no one.  Guests welcome!

All USI Clubs welcome and are  considered club members for this shoot.

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