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    My name is JESSE & I’m 35 years old.

    (2FiNgAz) has been my Xbox gamer tag for over 10 years so figured since I been pulling those (triggers) for so long I let the name carry over in this forum..
    I live California (central valley)
    I have always owned an air gun be it the red rider to the multi pump then a Gamo Break barrel and hopefully (real) soon my very 1st PCP…!
    I appreciate any help this forum can provide along the way.. so far I have my eyes on the FX Gladiator MK2
    I created a post in the forum already so if anyone has info for me please reply to it…
    Other than that, it’s good be here and I’m real excited for what’s to come….

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    Hi everyone, I’m Scott. I only recently relocated from Hawaii (via Northern VA) to sunny Phoenix AZ and am currently just trying to figure out how to avoid getting bitten by a rattle snake or stung by a scorpion when I go outside to shoot. Aside from that, I am a happy camper! Last Spring, I just happened to stumble upon some YouTube videos of this ridiculously happy guy named Ted shooting a variety of airguns with equally amazing precision. I blame Ted for getting me started down this incredibly fun, challenging, expensive, and at times, agonizingly frustrating pastime we have all come to appreciate and love. The impact airguns has made on my life is priceless and I truly love everything about it. I have met some incredible people and made many new friends thanks to this wonderful hobby and sport. The airgun community is like a big family to me. If anyone in the Phoenix area wants to go shooting, hit me up. The same applies if you are here visiting. Mi casa es su casa! I look forward to being an active member of the forum and look forward to it growing success.

    Cheers and a big mahalo to Ted and Michael. You both are equally guilty of creating the airgun addict I have become.


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    Hi all and a big thank you to Ted and Mike for this forum. I know it must not be easy and very time consuming.   I was a bench rest shooter and 10 m pistol.  Do to personal  problems am only shooting in back yard on occasion.  I hope to be back up again and this go around hunting yotes. I am very lucky very healthy  for 64 years old it is just a small issue  that will pass with time.
    like to talk on the forums and love to buy and sell guns. Nothing like a new girlfriend (gun).

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    Hi I’m Jay from¬†So Cal. I’m a mechanical engineer by trade and worked on the team that¬†designed, built and integrated the robotic arm on the Mars Curiosity Rover.¬†My Dad gave me a Benjamin 342 in .22 cal for Christmas when I was started High School – I still have that rifle and it still shoots well. I’ve added a few since then, a few springer’s a few Pre-Charged and I hand load for smokeless powder and have built a few muzzle loaders and cap & ball revolvers. But I really like airguns and¬†I like shooting longer distances with them. That is what I found so interesting about Ted’s videos. I am also excited about this new forum – I would like to see it grow into a place everyone can share new ideas and¬†experiences and get other’s opinions and help.

    I hope I can help – Jay

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    Hello my name is Adam and I’m soon(like two weeks) to be 20. Didn’t grow up shooting like most people did but when I turned 11 I started to get into shooting a lot and at a Competitive level to sadly that lasted only two years and we had to move. But in those two years I won two 2nd place medals and 1 first place medal maybe soon I can get back to shooting competitively at 10m I miss it a lot.
    Right now I have a: Hatsan mod. 85 in the .22cal(5.5mm)(open sights) and shooting it with Crosman Premier hollow points and getting pin point accuracy I’ve only shot it maybe 400 times so still a new gun, but yesterday while practicing I had a pigeon show up at 53 yards I turned the elevation up 1 full turn then 8/10th and placed the shot exactly where you want it and that pigeon dropped right out of the tree, taking it to shooting range Friday from a proper range card and review. I also have a Crosman PC77(.177 4.5mm) I like it also, it’s a very nice mouse or rat gun for those close shots or a good snake gun at the pond I have used that thing for multiple reasons and I honestly wouldn’t trust anything else.. Ok well maybe a new PC77 or a .22cal version of it :) Hopefully soon I can get into PCP’s looking at the Benjamin M-Rod or if they are still selling one the Armada in .22cal. Can’t wait to what all happens on this forum and hopefully learn even more about shooting and possible improve my shooting abilities. ¬†

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    Greetings from down under, Most know me as Wingman from New Zealand and I am an engineer with airgunsmith tendencies :) From mods to full scratch builds Im always tinkering. I have a large PCP collection and like long walks on the beach.. :)
    Nice to have another  meeting place of like minded people.. Cheers, guys

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    Hi Wingman, is Wingette going to be joining? Haven’t seen a post from her in a while!

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    Fellow airgun addict checking in… Been at it 30 something years. I’m known as Rob in Pgh or Dead-On in the airgun world. Plinking, benchrest, pesting, FT, collecting, silhouette and expert at tin can carnage. It’s all good.


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    I’m lucky enough to live in Tucson, AZ, about an hour away from the site of last year’s Extreme Benchrest competition, where I got to hobnob with airgun royalty.¬† But mostly I’m interested in airguns for hunting and survival.

    I’m the sort of prepper who is less into guns and trucks and more into gardens and rain barrels.¬† However, I still want to be able to put meat on the table after the zombie apocalypse.¬† So last year I got a Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 and a hunting license and set out to destroy some bunnies.¬† I’ve only been out three times, and on the third trip I bagged a black tailed jack with a lucky 60-yard heart shot as I was heading back to my car in the evening twilight.¬† I’m also a foodie, so of course I had to make hasenpfeffer.¬† It turned out all right for a first try.¬† Next time I’ll marinate it for two days instead of just overnight.

    Jacks rarely let me get closer than about 75 yards, so I need to work on my marksmanship (and my stalking.)¬† Rabbit season is year-round in Arizona, so there will be more delicious bunnies on the table soon.¬† Some Arizona hunters say rabbits don’t have parasites below about 4000 feet, which jives with what my vet told me about the rarity of fleas in the low desert.¬† I’m going to do some, er, scientific investigation this summer.¬† Bunnies will pay for their insolence!

    Arizona is also one of a handful of states that allows the take of big game with airguns, including bears and other ferocious beasts of the sky islands.¬† If I don’t get distracted by some other hobby, I may wind up buying a big bore PCP to go after javelinas.¬† I hear they’re tough and gamey, but I bet they’d be good in the slow cooker.

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    Hi Folks, 
    Greetings …¬†

    this is Hemn from Kurdistan Region of Iraq, i am 31 years old, Married, have a Twin son & daughter 2,7 years old. ….
    due to the hard living in my country i could only involve myself with airguns 5 years ago,,, still there are few airgunners here,,, 
    the 1st owner of Benjamin Marauder in Kurdistan & Iraq, but sold it before two months ago,,, 
    also the 1st owner of Edgun Matador in Kurdistan & Iraq, i could import my Edgun after attempting for almost 1,5 years …¬†
    i was one of the oldest followers of Ted since 2011 “i think” if i am not mistaken ,,, !¬†
    i only became to know about Edgun matador through Ted videos ,,, he has explained almost all things about Edguns,,, so,,i am hereby send you a very special thank ¬†because you were the 1st one who introduced Edgun to me….¬†thanks a lot Ted,,,¬†
    i own; (Update);
    Edgun Matador long Version  .22cal 
    Edgun Matador long Version  .25cal   Update
    Edgun Matador STD Version  .22cal   Udpate
    Edgun 10X44 SF (Scope)                  Update 
    Hawke 8.5-25X42 SF
    Leica Range Master 1600B 
    OEM Air Compressor
    6.8 Lrt Air Cylinder 

    Hemn .M 

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    Hi guys, I am Greg,

    Mid forties, 3 kids, robotics engineer. Live in Kirkland (east of Seattle). Shooting FX Indy and HW 77.
    If you live nearby – give me a shout, would be great to know fellow airgunners in the area.

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    I’m from Wales, UK.

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    Lou “Meatplow” here,
    ¬†¬†I am not new to airguns or shooting “real” guns. But I am new to being serious about air. I work full time and try to get as much trigger time in the back yard as possible on the weekends. I have a Hatsan 85 in .22 and several Crosman .177s around. My favorite being the 1377. I also enjoy my slingbow and slingshots.
    ¬†I’ll be having lots of questions I’m sure. I know I am in the right place and with good company.

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    Preston here.¬† I have lived in S.W. Ohio for almost 19 years now, after escaping from the Left Coast where I was born, raised and went to school.¬† I am blessed to live on a piece of property that allows me to shoot hand guns to high power.¬† Even with that, I have come to prefer my PCP’s.¬† I was led a stray (to PCP’s) and had my disposable income victimized by Ted.¬† All I wanted to do was get the starlings and sparrows out of the barn.
    I started with an RWS 34 and quickly moved to a Benjamin Marauder.  A year later, an FX Verminator II,  now a Daystate.  I revisited the stock on my M-Rod and it is now my favorite.
    Ted РThanks for all your good information and introducing me to this niche of the gun world.  I wish you much success, and a healthy family.
    <<I would link a picture but I have none on the public web.  Wish I could upload one directly here.>>

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    Hi all Jed here, my father taught me to shoot at the tender young age of 5 since then iv been hooked. It started with single shot bolt action and .22 shorts and grew from there. I got a Winchester break barrel .177 when I was 15 (now 28) and it got me into air guns. About a year and a half ago I stumbled upon Teds holdover on YouTube and learned about pcps and had to have one. I got a .22 synrod and have been enamored with the endless possibilities. I like punching paper and plinking but hunting and pest elimination is my jam. Thanks for the add. 

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    Hello all Kevin Lohnes, I am a 40 plus year fan of air guns, I also repair and mod them, I have a great FaceBook group called Airgun chat and B/S. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Airgunchatandbs/?ref=bookmarks) We are a laid back group that gets sidetracked and actuality have fun and build friendships from around the world. Looking forward to helping others and learning more and more.

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    Tom from central Colorado. I’ve been air gunning since 2010-ish.¬†I did not grow up around guns. But, then I picked up shooting PB’s in 2006-ish, and it quickly became an expensive hobby for me. So I figured I’d try air rifles to cheaply fill the desire to shoot. Little did I know, that it would have cost a lot less had I stayed with PB’s!¬†I’ve picked up a lot in that time and have gone through quite a few different rifles. I believe the sport has really grown in the past 5-7 years. It’s been very exciting seeing the new products come out and watch the performance of these machines get better and better. I’m lucky to have a 150yd range in my backyard. I’m also a full time Firefighter and that allows me a lot of free time and a lot of free high pressure AIR! :)¬†

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    Thanks for the add. Hey fellow air gunners Mike here looks like a fun forum.

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    Thanks for the add. Mike here love air guns and anything to do with them. As most of you i started very young and never turned back. I like building custom crosmans and making parts myself.

    Mod Edit:  Moved to the introduction thread.  Hi Mike. :)

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    Hi everyone. Good to see the forum up and running. Am 32 years old. Crazy about guns. Stay in India. Own a hatsan AT44 10 tactical and a newly acquired Bobcat. Shoot every weekend like its a ritual. Spend a few hours everyday reading and researching new Airguns. Been in love with Airguns since my 3rd grade and at the time I pestered my parents till they bought me my first .22 cal air pistol. They tell me I stood outside the sports store and refused to move till they got it for me. I BELEIVE THEM. Good to be here and look forward to learning a lot. 

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