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    The AIRGUN NATION forum was conceived by Ted and will be managed by Airgunners. It is loaded with a plethora of state-of-the-art features that are designed to empower its users. Be sure to check out the video tutorials (located in the Forum Discussion Gate) to learn how to make the forum work for you. 

    My name is Michael, and I am proud and honored to have been selected as the Administrator of this forum. Like many of you, my love for airgunning began as a child and has matured throughout the years. I grew up in a small town not far from Ted, where my father taught me all about marksmanship. After college I spent a few years in the Caribbean, a few more years on the West Coast, and the last 10 years in Hawaii. In 2012 I married my childhood sweetheart and we recently had our first child. I have a background in IT/Communications, and a degree in Business Management. But my true passion is for airgunning. I enjoy punching a little paper, plinking, and hunting.  

    My goal is to use the “Aloha Spirit” (and a few simple rules) to facilitate forward thinking and open communication to take our sport to the next level. I encourage everyone to share their pictures, videos, stories, ideas, and questions with the entire community.  

    Well that’s enough about me… let’s hear about you! Please introduce yourself in this thread.  

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    I’m Ted.  I stumbled into ‘notoriety’ nearly five years ago after posting a few videos of me doing my thing with my Edgun Matador .22.  But, the Youtube username I chose (EdgunUSA), created a problem.  Viewers thought I was a importer/retailer for the Edgun brand, and emails were pouring in from prospective buyers.  So, I renamed my channel “Ted’s HoldOver.”  I found the name fitting, since I am almost always shooting at distances past my 2nd zero.  And besides, people were already calling me “HoldOver Ted” – I just made the change “official” :)  

    Since then, my wife and I have successfully created two, new humans.  Those two munchkins are one of the reasons that my video production has slowed.  Another reason is the creation of this forum (it took 6 months to plan, build, launch (HoldOverForum.com), tear it down, co-create an improved forum (AirgunNation.com), and relaunch).  But, the AirgunNation is now completed….and it is awesome!  And, we are lucky that an incredibly competent and honest person has agreed to be our administrator. The forum is in good hands, and I now have more time for videos and chit-chat.

    I look forward to our talks, and helping where I can.  



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    I’m Chip Hunnicutt, Marketing Manager for Crosman. You’ll see me in an out from time to time and I try to jump in when needed. Here’s my prostaff bio and the best way to get my attention is via Twitter (@chiphunnicutt)

    The easiest way to keep up with news from Crosman is through the blog or follow us on Twitter (@crosmancorp).

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    David Goldfarb here, also known on the internet for the last couple of years as DaveG. Been known to carve a stock or two, as well as build a few little pieces to shoot with ;-). 

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    I’m Joey Pruitt aka Rubicon_Joey…I’m on a few different forums with the same or similar user name. I’m most active in a couple of knife forums and another dedicated to trap shooting. I’ve just recently ventured into the world of air gunning. In short, it was Ted’s videos that showed me that air rifles (PCPs specifically) weren’t just kids toys any more. I’m a design engineer from Kentucky that loves firearms of any type, knives anything with an engine.

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    Ray Inabnitt “Sarge” here. 20 years US Army (Retired) and several years in law enforcement and security. Got into PCP’S after catching some video of Jim Chapman hunting with them. Crossman Discovery .22, Crossman Marauder .22 and Evanix Rainstorm II in .25.

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    moonbear (del) here 60 this year been airgunning since i was 9 and i am still learning, friend of ted owner of the 1st edgun in the uk, and without bragging a lot of hard work and advertising to push  off the shelf bullpups ( factory ready mades) to become common as opposed to the custom ideas and think i have done pretty well in that direction, member of bolton airguns society since 2005 ish served on the commitee for some of that time. and many friends around the uk, made in comps or game fairs and on facebook which as grown considerably in the airgun direction, finally pleased to be on here ..del

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    I did not say anything about myself in my previous post so here goes.
    I am a life long hunter as and have done some competitive shooting, both pistol and rifle.
    I learned about PCP rifles about 2 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the new game. I have a FX 400 Royale in .22. To me it is an absolutely amazing rifle.
    Anyway, I look forward to participating in this forum.
    PS In my opinion the forum could not have two better administrators than Ted and Michael. I have watched all of their videos and they know the air gun game for sure.

    Su Amigo

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    Howdee ,from rguns in wyoming new with this air gun game a machinest building single shot rifles for years thought this would be a neither real cool type of gun to try luv all sorts of guns. had a old benjamin fraklin now on the why a springer gun benjamin np xl probably sell after i i try my first pcp gun being though i do like acuracy.dont know which to try first but i hope to get some ideas from are air gun nation here.videos hopefully .just found ted was impressed i been around many gun people in job and can tell quality people who know what they talking about ted is one.looking forward to reading and watching michael stuff thank you for takeing the time to put a sight up like this.it takes alot of time and dedication that we need to keep this right we have in america.thank you RGUNS

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    Hi I’m Jim Michaud from Maine. I started shooting air guns 2 years ago a friend got me into it, I now have a Bobcat in .22 and just ordered a Wildcat in .25. There is not much for air gunning in Maine. I like to hunt. Will try hunting wood chucks and  red squirrels. Nice forum. Nice name. Ted I watched your videos and you got me hooked.

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    Middle TN here, mostly a pre-charged shooter-have owned a few springers, still have a Haenel MOD III-  I’ve been enjoying “modern” airguns for close to 25 years and have been know to try knocking over some Field Targets and eating a few squirrels.
    Anyone in the area (East of Nashville) that would like to try shooting anything in the house just give a shout.
    (A Daystate 2000 lent to me for the last GOB Field Target match)


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    I was born in 1950 and as a child loved walking around the countryside around the village, when I was a teenager and working I got a BSA Meteor in .22 and continued my wandering plinking and hunting, I am now retired and would like to do the same with adult sense and permissions.

    In the 50s no one bothered me as I was known in the village as a harmless child, now I am bigger and unknown where I now live, I have a harder time but still enjoy country walks.

    I need from this forum the knowledge to get more accurate rifles than my old gun and reach the sort of ranges that TED has managed.

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    Hey All. My name is Eric Mayer and I am an avid varmint/predator hunter. Like many of us, I got started with airguns when I was a kid, but those gave way to powder burners for most of my life. I got back into them years ago when one of my good friends, Cliff Tharp (aka: VarmintAir) dropped out of high-end, small caliber firearms and went completely to airguns.  His videos and reviews were what got me started again into airguns.  I try very hard to push airguns to the firearm hunting community, as an option to help gain permission to hunt properties that are normally not accessible to folks with just firearms.  I hunt all over the western United States and always manage to squeeze in some airgun hunts when doing so. 

    I have lived in Southern California my entire life, but we are planning a move to Idaho by summer of 2016.

    Eric A. Mayer

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    HI, My names Tim. I’m from Windsor Ontario Canada. EH! I’m 35yrs of age and started out air gunning at a young age. Then I got into hunting with real firearms around 14 and haven’t really touched air guns since then. With the price of ammo nowadays I recently purchased my first air gun (crosman 760). Was a fun gun for awhile. Then I purchased the Crosman Phantom .22(495fps) detuned for us Canadians at Walmart. So I quickly tuned it up to 750fps since I have my firearms license :). Have taken many squirrels in the yard and 1 raccoon that was like 6yrds away with a brain shot.

    Now that I have the itch for air guns I want to get into PCP’s someday. But, It’s so costly at first and us Canadians pay out the butt for a good PCP.

    Thanks for taking the time guys to get this going. I look forward to learning lots around here.

    Take care,


    PS: How do I upload photos in a post??

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    Hi I’m Rob and I’m addicted to airguns :) Well all guns actually but the most deeply rooted disease is from airguns. So far it’s just magnum spring guns like the Diana 460 but I am very soon going to make the change to PCP. I use the guns to hunt and the prospect of carrying a 5 LB Brocock Concept (or the like) with about the same power as my 9 LB D460 or 10 LB D54 is way too attractive. I did admit to an addiction (with double D’s). I’m retired now so I have the time to play around, but since I live in a city it’s always a long drive to go shoot. I must admit to plinking in the basement because the winters are long and cold here in Canada. I was a member of some other forum I forget the name of and had to go because I said hello to a new member named Tony Belas and my post was deleted. So If you come by, Hello Tony Belas. As a Canadian I can translate from American to British if you need. In any case I say hello to the new forum and hope all the best for it and it’s owners.

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    Hello from central Calif!

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    Hello I’m Norman.  I’ve been back in air gunning for about a year now.  I initially looked for a 22 rim fire to teach my son about firearms.  Due to the trouble finding 22 ammo I ended up getting a break barrel airgun from Wal-Mart.  He didn’t get into it but I was hooked.  I’ve expanded to different PCPS including a couple of larger caliber guns (.357 & 45 cal).

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    My name is Seth Gardner. My fascination with air guns started when I was a kid. The local mom and pop sporting goods store had a .20 Sheridan that I wanted so bad. I never did get one but that was what planted the seed.
    I operate heavy equipment for a living. Have a wonderful wife who puts up with my never ending gun nonsense. And three smart healthy if a little trying at times children.
    I currently run a pair of marauders (.25 and .22) a Hatsan bt65 that I like to tinker with and a gamo whisper that has claimed more starlings than all the others combined.

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    Hi folks,

    Congratulation for the forum great idea Ted,

    My name is Carlos (Gladiador) I am from Portugal but I have more than 15 year living in Peru South America. I am 42 year old, 33 of them using air guns for hunting.

    Me in the Peruvian Andes hunting partridges at 14000 feet.



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    eeler1 here, aka Jon Brooks of northwestairguns.com, in West Sacramento, CA.   Been buying and lusting after pellet and bb guns most of my life, but especially so after we got the internet and it became SO easy to find stuff and then drop a few $ onto the credit card.  Started forum surfing with the old Airgun Letter, actually met Edith Gaylord this Jan at the Shot Show.  Inspired by other videographers like Ted and having some equipment from other projects, I’ve started putting up videos of stuff I find of interest, I’m an amateur (hey it auto corrected my spelling!!!) airgun mechanic and machinist.  And, was the promoter for two of the Pacific Airgun Expo’s, in 2011 and 2013.  Looking forward to a different approach here, will be interesting to see how it works out.  I’ll be checking in pretty often, hope to be able to add to the conversation.

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