We don't HAVE to use Epoxy for the eagle vision.

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    Use a HOT GLUE gun instead. It at least gives you a chance to get the ring off later. 

    I see many cameras going up for sale with the adaptor epoxied in place. Then, the mount may go up for sale without the adaptor. I used hot glue on mine and have had no issues. 
    I heated the adaptor ring up with a hair drier so that the hot glue would not cool as quickly. Set my glue gun on high and let it get nice and hot. Put a bead inside the ring and installed it. Since the adaptor attaches to a ring that is also used as a setting selector (by twisting), I just kept moving it while the glue dried. I somewhat regret this because the camera is heavy and can rotate while installed. Hey, I’ll just hot glue it in place! lol! 
    Excess hot glue drops can usually be broken off easily once they’re dried. Now, if I ever want to take the adaptor ring off, I’ll carefully heat up the ring until the hot glue loosens up and then work it off. Maybe use a hair drier or heat gun with a focusing adaptor on the end of it. 


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    Good thinking!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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