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    Alittle background with his post. This is an accumulation of posts from a different forum but wanted to share here. This is an awesome little gun!

    Mine came and it’s a .177! I can’t say it’s hard to pump at all but I didn’t pump it up very much So I just wanted to quick shoot it. So far very impressed with the gun. Happy with the trigger the gun is pretty quiet so the shroud does work. Noticeable sound difference from high to low. Has open sights which is a big plus for me and there not too bad either perfect for hunting! Didn’t notice any slop when pumping which was nice. The lever action is VERY nice on it and not hard at all. Typical Mrod mags but work very nicely and I like them. Chambering the pellets are very smooth. Accuracy at 10yds rested with open sights was same hole. Will do more testing later like chrony and accuracy with a scope to find the best pellet for it but so far I’m impressed!

    I got to shoot it some more and wow I can say I’m liking it more and more! So I proceeded to pump it up to 3000psi on the gauge and decided to try to throw it over the chrony for 10 shots 5 on hi and 5 on low. Well my chrony was having problems reading which I found out after the battery was low as it died on me but anyways seems they were pretty spot on with the fps. 2/5 shots registered on low and they were 804 and 810 with AA 8.4gr pellets. 3/5 on hi with same pellets and were 1000fps! 200fps jump exactly! Anyways wanted to see how it shot accuracy wise so I put it on my rest and placed a target at 20yds and was shooting with the open sights and it was dusk so not the easiest to see. Well the picture can explain it for itself. 5 shots each the 8.4s were shot on low and 10.3s were shot on hi.

    Mines a rechargable one and I got it all charged up so tomorrow I should have some numbers.

    Here’s some actual pics of the gun. Only thing I’m not fond of is the giant Nova Freedom in white but that can be solved easily.

    Here’s a few Chrony numbers for you guys first high power with the 10.3grs. I think from 2500psi to 1500psi will get me 10 shots from 6-16 which is only about 30fps spread.

    Created: 03-08-2018 09:31:10 AM
    Description: .177 Nova Freedom High power
    Notes 1: 3000-1000psi on gauge
    Notes 2: 
    Distance to Chrono (FT): 3.00
    Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000
    Bullet Weight (gr): 10.300
    Altitude (FT): 0.0
    Temp: N/A
    BP: N/A
    #     FPS        FT-LBS     PF
    17    904        18.69      9.31      
    16    919        19.32      9.47      
    15    928        19.70      9.56      
    14    937        20.08      9.65      
    13    944        20.38      9.72      
    12    950        20.64      9.78      
    11    950        20.64      9.78      
    10    949        20.60      9.77      
    9     945        20.43      9.73      
    8     937        20.08      9.65      
    7     932        19.87      9.60      
    6     918        19.28      9.46      
    5     911        18.98      9.38      
    4     892        18.20      9.19      
    3     880        17.71      9.06      
    2     868        17.23      8.94      
    1     845        16.33      8.70      
    Average: 918.18
    StdDev: 31.25
    Min: 845
    Max: 950
    Spread: 105
    True MV: 918.49
    Shots/sec: 0.10
    Group Size (IN): 0.00

    Next here’s with the 8.4s on low. I really like the 20 shot string here.

    Created: 03-08-2018 09:21:32 AM
    Description: .177 Nova Freedom Low power
    Notes 1: 3000-1800psi on gauge roughly
    Notes 2: 
    Distance to Chrono (FT): 3.00
    Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000
    Bullet Weight (gr): 8.400
    Altitude (FT): 0.0
    Temp: 34 °F
    BP: 29.83 inHG
    #     FPS        FT-LBS     PF
    20    787        11.55      6.61      
    19    791        11.67      6.64      
    18    792        11.70      6.65      
    17    796        11.82      6.69      
    16    801        11.97      6.73      
    15    796        11.82      6.69      
    14    800        11.94      6.72      
    13    797        11.85      6.69      
    12    805        12.09      6.76      
    11    810        12.24      6.80      
    10    800        11.94      6.72      
    9     806        12.12      6.77      
    8     802        12.00      6.74      
    7     804        12.06      6.75      
    6     802        12.00      6.74      
    5     801        11.97      6.73      
    4     801        11.97      6.73      
    3     796        11.82      6.69      
    2     796        11.82      6.69      
    1     790        11.64      6.64      
    Average: 798.65
    StdDev: 5.80
    Min: 787
    Max: 810
    Spread: 23
    True MV: 798.92
    Shots/sec: 0.16
    Group Size (IN): 0.00

    what I’ve found so far is on low it’s 2 pumps per shot and on high it’s 3. I will mount a scope sometime soon and will be shooting it at farther ranges as well.

    WOW. Threw a scope on it quick to see how accurate it was. Well here’s 10 shots at 20yds in a 5-10mph wind. Group measures just over .18″ so sub MOA 10 shot group in wind on the low power setting. Ok I’m really impressed with the accuracy!

    I’m not gonna lie guys I never even expected it to perform this well. The accuracy in .177 rivals about any .177 I’ve owned from BSA R10 MK2 to a AA 200T. Shoots well and just fun to shoot. Probably have 150 pellets through it already from yesterday to today. If it stays like this then I’ll be very very happy

    Never had a 392 but got my sisters some CCS 13xx and honestly think 10 pumps on those is harder than the pumping on this gun. Not sure if it’s just cause it’s alot more leverage or what. I believe these are actually 3 stage pumps if I read correctly in the owners manual.

    Here’s a 55yd 5 shot group with the 10.3s on high power. In a variable right to left wind which will be shown by my target flapping which I had to wait to shoot quite a bit. Again very very impressed! The lone higher shot was to get an idea of hold over. Idk what kind of barrels are on these guns but they can shoot!

    I took the scope back off last night and was shooting it off hand at 20yds with the open sights at my squirrel and rabbit field targets. Man very easy to shoot off hand I rarely missed. I had spinners set at I think 30+ yds and I just wanted to see if I could hit them and went 2 for 2 so I called it good! If all goes well I will be taking this gun along with my WARP out tomorrow to shoot some ground squirrels. Won’t have but an hour or so but weather looks like it will be nice and I’ll be off so I’m taking the chance! Wish we didn’t have time change yet though as it’s going to make it dark until 7am now instead of 6am which cuts my time short.

    Took it out squirrel hunting this morning and man it’s just a fun gun to shoot! Very accurate with open sights dropping 25-30yds EASY!! When hunting quick turned power up to high but since this gun is able to pump itself up I plinked alot and had it on low for awhile. I have no real need for it but I definitely am thinking about a .22 possibly in the future. I told my brother in law to look into one as he was shooting his Maximus the other day but didn’t bring the pump so was very sparing with his shots. Told him I have a solution for you brother I just got one and love it and you need one!

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    Looks good where did you get it at 

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    Thanks for the review!  I like the idea ( didnt catch the real world weight tho ? ) a lot. Tried the FX model when it first came out but as that particular rifle had QC issues I droped it fast & never had fun. If these pan out I might need to try one, really like the “12fpe” on low and 2 -or os- strokes per shot on high sounds pretty darn good.


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    “Bobr”Looks good where did you get it at 

    I think I found it. Looks cool!


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    Oh yup I got it on American tactical! I’ll need to weigh it but I think right around 7.5-8lbs

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    At 2 or 3 pumps per shot and the 55 yard groupings,  looks like the tax refund for this year goes to the Nova Freedom.  Thanks for the review

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    Nice weapon! 

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    Here ya go…

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    Have you tried a group where you give it 3 pumps between each shot?

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