I see zero reviews for the Kalibr Ocelot .22 Pistol

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    Is the PCP thing a rifle Bull Pup thing?
    My number one go to gun is a 35 dollar Beeman P17 177 cal pistol for my night time rattle snake hunts, Its just a pain in the neck to load in the dark with fat fingers , I try and keep the flash light on the snake and not my loading, I got to do head shots as it helps in skinning when there are no extra holes in the body, All my shots are one to two feet away, Unless its a very large snake then I have to back up a little, Maybe a Marauder or a Talon pistol set up with a red dot site,
    My very limited experience with a red dot I could not get it to hold its POI from week to week,
    I really prefer iron sites and would like to move up to a 22 or 25 pistol.
    My season does not start until June , So I got a while to look  around.
    The 1322 Crossman is looking pretty good, I know its a pump.


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    Hi Mike,
    I really wanted the Ocelot but there wasn’t much on it and thats a lot to spend on a pistol that I might not like. So I went with the much cheaper Mrod air pcp precision pistol, and I love it! But it doesn’t have open sights.

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    The ocelot is gonna be one of my purchases later in the year,kalibrgun quality so it should be reliable and also accurate, its a very nice looking air pistol,looks pretty easy to make and change barrels and calibres
    Rgds steve

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    If the P17 has enough power for what you’re doing, I’d take a look at the Crosman 1701 PCP pistol. It comes with a front sight, you’ll have to add a rear sight.

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