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    This is kind of a long story so I’ll cut it short. Each year I buy myself a nice Christmas present.  I’ve been looking at PCP for a long time finally on March 7th I decided to order what I wanted. I made a complete order rifle, tank, magazines the whole shooting match from AOA .  A week later I’m calling to wonder where my order was. . The gentleman I talked to on the phone was quite helpful and was really embarrassed to tell me it wasn’t shipped yet, for the want of a female foster fitting.  Instead of going over to the shelf and cannibalizing a fitting from  another unit and fulfilling my order,  my order is sitting on the shelf waiting to go out. I instructed them to send  my items and then send the fitting when it arrived. I place this  failure on  the order filling Department.  no email, no heads up, no we’re short. They took a five-star ordering  experience and turned it into a two-star debacle.  I’m really disappointed in my first experience with, what I know is a first-class company.  Somebody should get eyes on this!


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    We apologize for the inconvenience we caused with your order.  We were caught briefly in a position of having no quick connects in stock. If we could have “stolen” one from another tank in inventory we would have, but it came down completely to a shortage from our suppliers that we did not foresee.  Our mistake was in not communicating quickly about this shortage, and we apologize for that error.  Please understand that our intent was not to cause a delay, but rather to fulfill your order completely so that everything received worked as expected.  We hoped that the timing of the incoming inventory would have been more seamless and no delay would have resulted.

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